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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions


 Can I keep the green font highlighting for encrypted files and folders?

Beginning with version 2.1.401.69, Boxcryptor does not highlight encrypted files and folders using a green font, but rather uses green overlay icons to identify encrypted files and folders. Main reasons for this switch have been interferences of the mechanism for the green font with the built-in Encrypting File System feature of Windows and missing cross-platform compatibility (e.g. it is not possible to use a green font on Mac OS X). Beginning with the new version, it is not possible to have the green fonts anymore.

 How to share secure file access?
 There seem to be some problems with EFS - what is this and how can I solve the problems?

The Encrypting File System (EFS) is a windows feature that provides file system-level encryption.The idea of this feature is to provide an extra level of security in case an attacker gains physical access to the device.

Boxcryptor applies encryption on a higher level. Files encrypted with Boxcryptor are also stored encrypted on the hard disk, but are encrypted to your user account as well. If Boxcryptor is not running you (and all software which runs on your user account) will see the files encrypted. Using the Encrypting File System and Boxcryptor both at the same time can cause confusion. Therefore we recommend to disable EFS.

Encrypting File System (EFS)

 Windows-Search can't find my files anymore!

Maybe the Boxcryptor-Drive wasn't added to the Index-Options of Windows. Then, you can do this manually. Please have a look at this article (german) to solve the problem:

Windows-Suche im Boxcryptor-Laufwerk

 I'm using Windows 8.1 and OneDrive - What does the message "only online available" mean?

SkyDrive on Windows 8.1 is a native application, so you cannot install the SkyDrive software which worked on Windows 8 and before. The standard settings of SkyDrive are not compatible to Boxcryptor, because it uses smart files instead of downloading the real file from the cloud.

Boxcryptor with OneDrive

 Why is there a _encrypted and _decrypted suffix after I encrypt/decrypt anything in the context menu?

This extension is required to avoid synchronization errors with the cloud provider. To avoid this suffix, copy your folder into an already encrypted folder.

 How can I exit Boxcryptor?

You can find the Boxcryptor icon located on your system tray (lower right screen next to the system clock).

Click on this icon with your right mouse button and choose "Exit" to quit Boxcryptor. If you exit Boxcryptor this way you will be able to access your encrypted files without being connected to the internet.

"Sign out" will delete all temporary saved account information and Boxcryptor will act like started the first time.






Boxcryptor for Windows Search

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