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Advanced settings



Please note: Changing these settings may cause unwanted behavior of Boxcryptor.

Please do not change these unless you are an experienced user.



Boxcryptor settings

Access the Boxcryptor settings

To access the Boxcryptor settings perform a right-click on the Boxcryptor icon located in the system tray and select Settings.







In this tab you can change settings related to your local Boxcryptor installation.

The label of the Boxcryptor drive is the label which will be shown in the Windows Explorer. The default value is Boxcryptor, but you can choose any label you want.

The drive letter is the letter where Boxcryptor will mount the drive.

Furthermore you can choose whether you want Boxcryptor to:

  • start with Windows
  • check for updates 
  • and to enable file name encryption.





Advanced settings for experts

Access the Boxcryptor settings


Here you can choose several settings related to encryption and mounting of the virtual Boxcryptor Drive.

You can access these settings by clicking on Show more settings


We only recommend to change these settings by experienced users.



The default settings are:

  • Start with Windows
  • Check for updates
  • Hide files and folders starting with a dot



Recycle bin

1. Enable recycle bin:

If you delete a file within the Boxcryptor drive it won't be deleted permanently but moved to your trash.
There you may restore the file.


Fixed drive

2. Mount as fixed drive:

The Boxcryptor Drive is a virtual drive.
This option make it look and be handled as a real hard drive.


All users

3. Mount for all users:

This will mount the Boxcryptor Drive for all users on your system.
This is also needed to activate the recycle bin feature.


Longpath support

4. Enable long path support:

File paths are limited to 256 characters.
This feature makes is possible to work with even longer paths.
Please note this is not supported by many applications and may cause errors.


Mount in WMM

5. Mount in Windows Mount Manager:

This option will add the mounted virtual Boxcryptor Drive to the Windows Mount Manager.
This is also needed to activate the recycle bin feature.


Hide config files

6. Hide files and folders starting with a dot:

DropBox for example creates some files containing special information for DropBox itself (e.g. sharing info) starting with a . (e.g. .dropbox).
These files are needed by DropBox. To ensure these files don't get encrypted you can hide these by enabling this option.


Not decryptable files

7. Hide files/folders with names which can not be decrypted:

When working on a shared cloud with file name encryption enabled, files and folders you are not able to decrypt or view won't be shown anymore.


OneDrive warning

8. Hide OneDrive online file warning:

OneDrive has the feature to keep files "online only" - not locally synced.
Boxcryptor can not handle these "on-demand" files. If this option is checked the warning "Boxcryptor does not support online-only files. " won't be displayed anymore.

Want to know more?


Location Auto detection

9. Auto detect removable drives:

Automatically mounts removable drives like USB sticks or external storages as Boxcryptor Locations.

10. Auto detect network drives

Automatically mounts network drives as Boxcryptor Locations.

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