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Boxcryptor is a software solution which is available in two versions: Boxcryptor and Boxcryptor Classic. Both products have the same intention: Encrypt your files and folders before uploading to a cloud of your choice. But they differ in their usage, their target group and their scope. This document gives you an overview of both Boxcryptor versions and explains the differences and advantages of each version. 



FeaturesBoxcryptor Classic (1.x)Boxcryptor (New)
Filename encryptionYesYes
Secure File Access SharingNo (if you want to share a file, you need to give your encryption password to the other party)Yes
Additional Company Features (Groups, Master Key, Policies)NoYes


Boxcryptor Classic (1.x)

Our Boxcryptor 1.x versions are now Boxcryptor Classic. Boxcryptor Classic is an update for Boxcryptor 1.5.

The way to use Boxcryptor Classic is simple: With Boxcryptor Classic you can create a folder within the folder of your cloud storage provider (e.g. withing your Dropbox folder), where all encrypted files and folders are stored. To access your encrypted files, Boxcryptor Classic creates a virutal drive, where you can access your encrypted files in plaintext - or add new ones.


How can I encrypt files or folders with Boxcryptor Classic?

Simply copy your files or folder into the virtual drive. ALL files that you modify, save or create in this drive will be encrypted automatically by Boxcryptor and stored encrypted in the encrypted folder (e.g. within your Dropbox).

Where are the encryption keys stored with Boxcryptor Classic? 

The keys are stored directly inside the encrypted folder. Before being stored there, all sensitive data is encrypted with your password. Keep in mind: If you loose this file, you will permanently loose access to your files. We recommend to create a backup of this file regularly.

How can I share access to encrypted files with others?

A real access sharing functionality is not supported in Boxcryptor Classic. If you want somebody else to be able to decrypt these files, you have to share your Boxcryptor Classic password.



Boxcryptor (new)

With the new Boxcryptor generation, it is not neccessary anymore to have a special encrypted folder. You can add any folder (e.g. your complete Dropbox folder) as a Boxcryptor location. This means, that you can now see and access this complete folder through your Boxcryptor drive. Every folder you add as a new Boxcryptor location will be visible in the drive. Basically this works like a mirror: all your files from your Boxcryptor location are now available in the Boxcryptor drive - plain text and encrypted files. You can use your folders in the Boxcryptor drive just like any other folder on your computer. But compared with Boxcryptor Classic, files stored in the drive are not automatically encrypted. You can choose to encrypt files or folders by a rightclick on the file or folder and chosing "encrypt". After that, the encrypted files and folders will turn green. If you store a file within a green (=encrypted) folder, those files are automatically encrypted, which you can see be the green colour.


How can I encrypted files or folders with Boxcryptor?

Just add any file to your Boxcryptor drive, right-click and select encrypt. If store a file or folder within an encrypted folder, they will be automatically encrypted.

Where are the encryption keys stored with Boxcryptor? 

The keys are either stored on our server or in a local file (if you're using Boxcryptor with a local account). You can always switch between both account types. If you e.g. have a Boxcryptor account, you can download the key file and use it for a local account. 

How can I share access to encrypted files with other?

If you want somebody else to be able to decrypt these files, you can simply right-click the encrypted file or folder and select Share access.

How can I see if a file is encrypted or not?

Encrypted files will be shown in green.

Local Account

The local account behaves similar as the Boxcryptor account. The difference is that your keys are not stored on our servers, they will remain in the key file, which you chose at the beginning.

This has two implications:

  • Sharing is not possible 
  • You have to make sure that this file is synced and backed up. If you loose this file, you will loose access to your files. The file can be stored anywhere on your local hard disc.



Boxcryptor and Boxcryptor Classic are not compatible. Files encrypted with Boxcryptor Classic cannot be encrypted with Boxcryptor and the other way around. Boxcryptor for Windows is delivered with an Importer that can import Boxcryptor Classic files. If you want to convert the files back from Boxcryptor to Boxcryptor Classic, you can install both applications and simply copy the files from the new Boxcryptor drive to the Boxcryptor Classic drive. To start the importer, execute the program Boxcryptor Importer in the start menu.

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