Maintenance Window

In order to constantly improve our service and to keep our servers up-to-date, we regularly maintain our infrastructure. Tasks which might have an impact on the availability of our service will be conducted in weekly maintenance windows at the following time:

Every Monday, 00:00 - 02:00 UTC+1 (4pm - 6pm UTC-7)

We do our best to provide a high availability of our service, but during these two hours access to our servers might be degraded and/or even unavailable. Boxcryptor has been designed in such a manner, that access to our servers is not required for the regular usage of our client software. As outlined in our Technical Overview (chapter Why and when Boxcryptor requires an internet connection), only the following actions require an active connection to our servers:

  • Creating a Boxcryptor account
  • Setting up a new device
  • Sharing access to a file or folder
  • Account syncing

If you are already signed in with your Boxcryptor account on a device, you are always able to access your encrypted files regardless of your internet connection or availability of our servers.

Network Access

Boxcryptor requires that certain servers can be accessed via the internet. If you have network restrictions in place, please make sure to allow connections from Boxcryptor to the following domains, ip addresses, ports and protocols:

Domain: www.boxcryptor.com
Port: 443
Protocol: HTTPS
IP Adresses:,,
Domain: api.boxcryptor.com
Port: 443
Protocol: HTTPS
IP Addresses:,,
Domain: whisp.ly
Port: 443
Protocol: HTTPS
IP Address:

If you are using our LDAP / Active Directory synchronization feature, please make sure that your directory server can be reached from the following subnets:,,

Please note that these domains and also ip addresses might be subject to change in the future.

Open Source Licenses

We use open source software in many situations: across platforms in the Boxcryptor apps, in the Boxcryptor Crypto Server, and for boxcryptor.com. Follow the links below to view the list of open source projects and their licenses used in the corresponding applications: