Manage Clouds and Locations

Boxcryptor supports a vast variety of cloud storage providers out of the box. Additionally, Boxcryptor works with every cloud provider which supports the WebDAV protocol.

Add Provider

Boxcryptor works as an additional security layer for your cloud storage. The portable version connects directly to your provider and handle both uploading and encrypting your files. To add a new provider to Boxcryptor, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Add Provider and select your provider.
  2. Enter your provider’s credentials to connect it to Boxcryptor.

Google Drive

Boxcryptor gives you access to files stored in Google Drive's My Drive. Additional folders backed up via My Computer are not available.

Custom Locations

Boxcryptor supports adding folders of your local file system as Local Storage provider:

  1. Click on Add Provider and select Local Storage.
  2. Click on Browse and choose your own, customized location.

WebDAV Locations

If your cloud provider is not listed as a supported provider, chances are high that Boxcryptor supports it nevertheless, because we support the WebDAV protocol. This protocol is used by most providers.

  1. Contact your cloud provider for the WebDAV credentials.
  2. Click on Add Provider and select WebDAV Advanced.
  3. Enter your provider’s credentials to connect it with Boxcryptor.

ownCloud and nextCloud both support WebDAV. By default, the configuration urls are: and