App Protection

App protection prevents unauthorized access to Boxcryptor.

If this feature is activated, you can set several authentication methods. You have to authenticate yourself with a set method to use Boxcryptor.

You can enter an invalid authentication up to five times. If you fail to authenticate yourself, you have to enter your Boxcryptor password or reset Boxcryptor to factory settings.

These are the authentication methods you can choose from:

  • 4-digit PIN code: When set, you have to enter a 4-digit PIN code.
  • Password: When set, you have to enter your Boxcryptor password. Boxcryptor requires you to enter the authentication at start. Afterwards, Boxcryptor will run until you specifically quit the software. If you want to protect Boxcryptor when you are away from your device, please use your operating system’s features to lock your device manually or automatically after a certain amount of time.

You can activate and set up the protection feature in the settings: Settings → Security.

Boxcryptor Settings

Proxy You can configure which proxy to use with Boxcryptor Portable. If your network administrator provided you with an automatic proxy configuration file (.pac), you can just enter the URL. Otherwise, just choose HTTP/HTTPS and enter host, port, and login credentials if necessary.

Cache Boxcryptor caches your downloaded and decrypted files for faster access, or for when you are working offline. However, you can manage the available disk-space of this cache and manually clear it.

Changing these settings may cause unwanted behavior of Boxcryptor. Please do not change these unless you are an experienced user.