Are you ready to secure your cloud storage? This guide helps you to get started with Boxcryptor and your cloud storage service.

Install Boxcryptor

System Requirements: Requires iOS 14 or later. Boxcryptor for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Please note that we do not officially support beta versions of iOS. New versions of iOS, however, will be supported by Boxcryptor as soon as they have been officially released by Apple, sometimes even a bit in advance.

To install Boxcryptor, download the Boxcryptor app from the App Store.

On iOS, you do not have to install your cloud provider's app because we are able to directly connect with your cloud provider. If you have your provider’s app installed, you can safely remove it after you set up Boxcryptor.

Create a Boxcryptor Account

With Boxcryptor joining Dropbox, we do no longer allow new accounts to be created.

We strive to make managing encrypted files as simple as possible. Just set up your Boxcryptor account and we handle all the difficult operations that come with encryption for you.

  1. Start Boxcryptor.
  2. Click on create account.
  3. Follow the wizard to finish the account creation.

Create a password that you can remember, or store the password in a secure place, for example a password manager. Boxcryptor is a zero knowledge encryption software, therefore we cannot restore your password.

If you lose your password, your data will be lost irrevocably.

Due to restrictions from Apple, it is not possible to create a Boxcryptor account within the iOS app. Before using Boxcryptor for iOS, you must first create your account on our web interface.

Discover Boxcryptor

Once you have installed Boxcryptor and signed in with your account, you can add your cloud provider and start browsing your files.

From now on, you can use Boxcryptor to work with your files in the cloud. The app connects with your cloud provider and takes care of uploading and downloading files, as well as decryption.

2-1   Help On-the-fly Mobile

Tags are used to show you whether a file or folder is encrypted inline-no-border   Help iOS Badge Encrypted.

You will be able to use Boxcryptor via the Files app from within other apps, such as Word or Pages.

How to Encrypt Existing Files

Encrypting existing files is not possible with Boxcryptor for iOS. Please use Boxcryptor for macOS, Boxcryptor for Windows or Boxcryptor Portable to migrate and encrypt your existing files.